New, State of the Art Technology for your System

Do you need to bring new life to an old system?
Retrofitting your older system with new technologies can help to make your system safer and more efficient at a fraction of the cost of a complete system replacement.

Some of our more popular retrofits include:

  • Addition of new efficient equipment, such as lime slakers with fully automated controls
  • Installation of our seal upgrade/retrofit to fix leaky slaker seals
  • Dust and moisture control with the installation of our dust scrubber
  • Fixing solids build up at the bottom of slurry tanks with our mixer and tank baffle redesign
  • Adding redundant chemical feed trains, etc.

Reduce lime consumption with real-time monitoring
If your existing lime slaking system is manually operated then you understand the challenges of managing slaking conditions at optimal temperature can be hard to control. By upgrading to an automated STT Systems & Solutions Lime Slaker, you can have real-time monitoring of the lime slaking process which can better alert operators to potential dangers.

In addition, better control of the slaking temperature means better stability in your lime slurry reactivity. This will result in lower lime consumption, ultimately reducing operating costs.

Engineering to find and provide the right solution
Our project managers and engineering team can handle all of the design requirements for your project - let us worry about the details. From design concept, to site review / measurements, to assembling engineering documentation and construction work packages, we look after it all to ensure a smooth retrofit installation.

We also provide commissioning and start-up services to validate system operation as well as life-cycle maintenance through our Applied Care program.