We engineer and supply custom dry-bulk chemical reagent preparation systems and offer on-site support for the life of your plant.


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STT Systems & Solutions is the leader in the support, optimization,
engineering and design of reagent preparation systems.

Our unrivaled expertise derives from over 35 years of experience and over
1,200 installed systems.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the installed and operating cost of your system.
Which is why we offer a complete range of high quality, efficient, reagent
preparation systems
and life-cycle support services.

You may be spending more on chemicals than needed. We guarantee at least 8% in chemical savings when you sign up for a System Optimization Study >>

Our engineers have designed, supplied and installed over 1,200 chemical systems. Our systems are used around the world for a variety of applications >>

Retrofitting your older system with new technologies can help to make your system safer and more efficient at a fraction of the cost of a complete system replacement >>

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US Power Plant reduces operating cost by nearly $1 million

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